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Everything must go!
animate_alcazar wrote in gpx_bazaar
Glad I could help some people out. :) Thanks for helping me.

With two Griseous Orbs, a Rainbow Wing, Old Amber, and Helix Fossil sitting around in my inventory I'm not exactly eligible to buy items I need from the back room. That said, who wants them? It would be nice if you offered something in return, but my main goal is to move these out of my inventory and not to gain anything for myself right now.

Official-like stuff:
Offering: Griseous Orb (2), Rainbow Wing, Helix Fossil, Old Amber
Requesting: N/A

Comment if interested! If I don't get a response in a while I'll sell them randomly.

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Id love a Orb. I can breed you any of my novelties in return-public pc on my page.

Could you please breed Clone Charmander? :) That would be great.

Sure thing. I have a new clone i got so i now have a brand new pair, hopefully they will spit out something soon!

Do you have AIM or anything so i know exactly when you drop it?

I'll sell the Griseous Orbs at 9pm server time. Cool?

Ok i just totally did a spz click when i saw a blue orb just now in the back shop -.-

I sold them promptly at 9. :/ Sorry.

i didnt see them anyway, so good thing i got the blue orb. Ill still breed you a clone though

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