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Old Amber, Root Fossil, Green Orb
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filleboheme wrote in gpx_bazaar
GPX+ Username: Mudd E
Looking for:

-----Items: Red Orb, Soul Dew, Silver Wing, Dome/Helix/Claw/Skull/Armor Fossils

Offering: Old Amber (Summons Fossil Aerodactyl novelty), Root Fossil (summons Fossil Lileep novelty), Green Orb (Summons Rayquaza)
Inventory public?: I don't keep it public but I can make it public if you would feel better about it. :)
Preferred contact method: Comment here or PM me on GPX, either one works.


If I don't hear anything from anyone by 3/6, I'm going to sell them for the delicious points. :)

Edited 3/4: Found a Green Orb today. I will still be selling fossils if no offers for those are made by 3/6. Green Orb I will offer up for a week, let me know if interested.

Edit the second, 3/5: Well, the admins have sort of made trades nigh impossible now so I'll shoot for the fossil trade tomorrow morning, starscream, and the other junk I'm just plain selling. X_x I was far too impatient with "trading" on the site and only did it with items so it was either instant gratification or instant disappointment which I'm all about.

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I've got an Armor Fossil for your Root :)

Ohhhhh color me... interested. :D


Well, if you become more than interested, let me know; I'll tell you when I make the sale you can start looking for it ^^

BTW, congrats finally on your Shiny Numel :)

lol I PM'ed you on GPX if you want to make a time for a trade but notifying me when you drop it works too. :P

And thanks! Longest shiny hunt evarrrrr

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