Lunar Wing
EDIT: THIS TRADE IS NOW CLOSED. :) Matsutzu got my Lunar Wing and I missed his fossil, lol. Ah well, can try again in the future. :P

Thanks to all that inquired. :)

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GPX+ Username: Sparkie
Looking for: Charmander Clone
Offering: I can breed any Novelty egg (check my PC for available species). I can also drop female Munchlax, Riolu, and/or Togepi for that tricky Achievement. ;)
PC Public?: Yes
Preferred contact method: Comment on this entry! I'd like to use AIM to coordinate Shelter drops, however.

I've had multiple people back out of or 'forget' about trades after my end was completed, so I think it's time to renew my search.

Reminder: 1.5 Day!
As the back room is closed for the 1.5 bonus, items sold today will appear after the server reset. This may be a good time to request Pokemon (which can be adopted from the Shelter as long as you don't go over your daily limit).

Happy hunting!

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GPX+ Username: MondoTR
Looking for: Any summoning items or fossils listed in my journal:
Adamant Orb - 0/2, Armor Fossil, Claw Fossil, Corruption Orb - 0/4, Dome Fossil, Fin Fossil, Gracidea Flower - 0/2, Griseous Orb - 0/2, Helix Fossil, Lustrous Orb - 0/1, Old Amber, Root Fossil, Silver Wing - 1/2, Skull Fossil
Offering: Rainbow Wing (summons Ho-Oh)
Inventory public?: Yep
Preferred contact method: GPX+ PM

The comm's a good idea, BTW.

Schroedinger's Catbread
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