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GPX+ Bazaar

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Welcome to gpx_bazaar! This is a community created to serve all GPX+ members in their search for that elusive item or Pokemon.

A few simple rules:
1. Post only once per day
2. Do not post your party images here. Profile links are allowed, however.
3. Keep it civil. Any disputes should be reported to a moderator for appropriate action.

When posting, include the following details:
-Your GPX+ username
-Items/Pokemon you are looking for
-Items/Pokemon you can give in return
-Whether or not your inventory is public (You can change this option under the "Settings" tab of your Poketch. It's not necessary to have a public inventory, but if people have trust issues this may be the way to go.)
-Preferred method of contact (LJ comment, site message, IM, etc.)

Remember, all trades are undertaken at your own risk! gpx_bazaar is not responsible for unsuccessful trades or any (we hope not here!) dishonest folk.

If you think of any rules or notes that should be added here, please include it in your daily post. :) We're new and improving all the time. All questions are welcome.

The Team:
Administrator: animate_alcazar